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Secotec Refrigerated Dryers:
TE and TF Series


Technical Specifications

Secotec® dryers condense and remove moisture before it attacks your system. These reliable dryers feature the energy saving Secotec cycling control. Secotec dryers operate the refrigerant compressor only when necessary by using a thermal storage medium. The refrigerant compressor cools the medium to a predetermined temperature and then cuts off, allowing the medium to cool the air and condense the water vapor.


Dryer Capacities

ModelRated Capacity at 100 psig
TE 102325 scfm
TE 122410 scfm
TE 142470 scfm
TF 174520 scfm
TF 230670 scfm
TF 280900 scfm
TF 3401060 scfm

SecoPack LS: Superior Compressed Air Drying

The new generation of Secotec TE and TF refrigeration dryers is equipped with the innovative SecoPack LS heat exchanger system. The special latent heat storage medium has up to a 98% higher thermal storage density than similar dryers currently available, which means that these new dryers provide the same thermal storage capacity in a far more compact design. Secotec TE and TF dryers have more stable dew points and better internal air flow which results in minimal pressure loss of less than 2.2 psi.
Minimal pressure drop
Secotec series dryers ensure minimal pressure drop thereby saving additional energy, as the required maximum pressure is reduced.
Intuitive operation: Sigma Control Smart

Secotec TE and TF dryers feature the Sigma Control Smart electronic controller, which provides at-a-glance status information as well as maintenance information, service diagnostics and connectivity to supervisory system controls.  A large color display and language-neutral menu navigation make it exceptionally user-friendly.

Maximum reliability

Secotec TE and TF  dryers use R 134a refrigerant which allows efficient and dependable compressed drying performance in ambient temperatures up to +113 °F (+122 °F optional). Generously sized condensate separators and Eco-Drain electronic condensate traps ensure reliable moisture removal. For long-term durability, the condenser and SecoPack LS system are made from aluminum and the compressed air piping is fabricated from stainless steel. Secotec refrigerated dryers feature a high quality control cabinet with electrical equipment conforming to standard EN 60204-1.
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