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Company Overview
Capabilities Brochure  (0.21 MB) USCAPABILITY
Sustainability Brochure – Literature in electronic format only  (0.48 MB) USSUSTAIN
At A Glance...  (1.28 MB) USGLANCE
24-Hour Emergency Parts Shipment Guarantee  (0.66 MB) US24HRPARTS
Products for Industries
Automotive Brochure  (1.77 MB) USAUTO
Waterborne Paints Readiness Flyer  (0.58 MB) USWATERBORNE
Air System Solutions for Wastewater Treatment Plants  (3.89 MB) USWWTP
Rotary Screw Compressors
Rotary Screw Compressor Catalogue – Literature in electronic format only  (3.05 MB) USSCRWBULLTN
Airtower Series
4 to 7.5 hp
SX, SM, and SK Series
3 to 20 hp
AS Series
20 to 30 hp
 (1.48 MB) USAS
ASD, BSD, CSD Series
25 to 125 hp, direct drive
DSD Series
125 to 250 hp, direct drive
 (1.19 MB) USDSD
ESD Series
250 to 300 hp, direct drive
 (0.65 MB) USESD
FSD Series
350 to 450 hp, direct drive
 (0.64 MB) USFSD
HSD Series
500 to 600 hp, twin direct drives
 (0.81 MB) USHSD
SFC Series Compressors: 8 to 22ST
10 to 30 hp, belt drive with variable speed drive
SFC Series Compressors: 30S to 110S
40 to 125 hp, direct drive with variable speed drive
 (1.91 MB) USSFC30S110S
SFC Series Compressors: 75 to 515
100 to 700 hp, direct drive with variable speed drive
 (2.00 MB) USSFC75-515
Sigma Premium Fluids – Literature in electronic format only  (0.16 MB) USSIGFLUIDS
Compressed Air Piping
SmartPipe Modular Piping  (0.77 MB) USSMARTPIPE
SmartPipe Product Catalog – Literature in electronic format only  (6.56 MB) USPIPECATLOG
6" (168 mm) SmartPipe™  (0.65 MB) US6INPIPE
Controllers and Accessories
Sigma Air Manager  (1.35 MB) USSAM
Sigma Control 2 – Literature in electronic format only  (0.62 MB) USSC2
Kaeser View Remote Monitoring System – Literature in electronic format only  (0.75 MB) USANMON
Flow Controller – Literature in electronic format only  (0.59 MB) USKFC
Air Treatment
Air Treatment Brochure  (4.71 MB) USCLEANAIR
Secotec Refrigerated Dryers  (0.67 MB) USSECOTEC
H Series Refrigerated Dryers  (0.36 MB) USHSERIES
Kryosec Series Refrigerated Air Dryers  (0.57 MB) USKRYOSEC
TX Series Refrigerated Dryers  (0.27 MB) USTX
Cooling Air Units – Literature in electronic format only  (0.41 MB) USKCA
Dual Control / Demand Manager Refrigerated Dryers  (0.64 MB) USTLARGE
Extended Warranty Program for Demand Manager and Dual Control Dryers (Models TF, TG, TH, TI)  (0.26 MB) USTLARGEXWAR
Modular High Capacity Refrigerated Dryers – Literature in electronic format only  (1.09 MB) USMODDRYERS
Desiccant Air Dryer  (1.70 MB) USDESDRYERS
Extended Warranty Program for Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers (Models KAD 40-3000 scfm)  (0.28 MB) USKADEXTWAR
High Pressure Refrigerated Dryers – Literature in electronic format only  (0.50 MB) USHT
High Temperature Refrigerated Dryers  (0.44 MB) USHTRD
Wall Mounted Desiccant Dryers – Literature in electronic format only  (0.37 MB) USKADW
Hybritec Combination Dryer  (0.89 MB) USHYBRITEC
Breathing Air Systems  (0.60 MB) USKBS
Membrane Dryers – Literature in electronic format only  (0.40 MB) USKMM
Single Tower Desiccant Dryer (KDF) – Literature in electronic format only  (0.51 MB) USKDF
Activated Carbon Tower – Literature in electronic format only  (0.18 MB) USKAT
Compressed Air Filters  (2.05 MB) USFILTER
Oil Mist Eliminator  (0.35 MB) USOME
High Temperature Afterfilter – Literature in electronic format only  (0.37 MB) USHTA
Eco-Drain Traps  (0.46 MB) USEDRAIN
Automatic Magnetic Drain  (0.47 MB) USAMD
Condensate Filters  (0.73 MB) USKCF
Air Main Charging Valve – Literature in electronic format only  (1.06 MB) USAMCV
Air-cooled Aftercoolers – Literature in electronic format only  (0.36 MB) US96-KAC
Water-cooled Aftercoolers – Literature in electronic format only  (0.23 MB) US96-KWC
Reciprocating Compressors
Booster Compressors  (0.78 MB) USBOOSTERS
Portable Compressors
Mobilair Comprehensive Brochure  (1.39 MB) USMOBILAIR
Mobilair M15/M17
50 to 60 cfm – Literature in electronic format only
 (0.50 MB) USM15M17
Mobilair M27
92 cfm – Literature in electronic format only
 (0.32 MB) USM27
Mobilair M27 Utility
92 cfm – Literature in electronic format only
Mobiliar M50
185 cfm – Literature in electronic format only
 (0.29 MB) USM50
Mobilair M57
210 cfm – Literature in electronic format only
 (0.31 MB) USM57
Mobilair M57 Utility
210 cfm
Mobilair M57 Offshore Package
210 cfm
 (0.17 MB) USM57STEEL
Mobilair M64
225 cfm – Literature in electronic format only
 (0.25 MB) USM64
Mobilair M100
375 cfm – Literature in electronic format only
 (0.31 MB) USM100
Mobilair M114 – Literature in electronic format only  (0.47 MB) USM114
Mobilair M122
400 cfm – Literature in electronic format only
 (0.29 MB) USM122
Mobilair M250
900 cfm – Literature in electronic format only
 (0.30 MB) USM250
Mobilair M350
1200 cfm – Literature in electronic format only
 (0.32 MB) USM350
MobilairTools – Literature in electronic format only  (0.39 MB) USTOOLS
Vacuum Packages
Rotary Screw Vacuum Packages  (1.09 MB) USSCRWVACPKG
Rotary Blowers
Rotary Screw Blowers  (1.77 MB) USSCREWBLWR
Omega Rotary Blower Catalogue  (2.69 MB) USOMEGABULTN
Com-paK Series  (2.26 MB) USCOMPAK
Omega Bare Blowers  (0.54 MB) USBARE
Omega Lubricant – Literature in electronic format only  (0.31 MB) USOMLUBE
Energy Savings and Asset Management
KESS / ADA Flyer  (0.49 MB) USKESS
Air Demand Analysis (ADA)  (1.15 MB) USADA
Air Demand Analysis Flyer  (0.45 MB) USADAFLYER
Leak Detection Flyer  (0.39 MB) USLEAKFLYER
Article Reprint: Back to the Basics Getting to the Bottom of Leaks in Your Compressed Air System  (0.51 MB) USRPSLEAKS
Utility Incentive  (0.34 MB) USUTILITY
Section 179 Economic Stimulus Act – Literature in electronic format only  (0.25 MB) USSECTION179
Success Stories
Go with the Flow  (0.38 MB) USKSSVACBLWR
Out with the Old - SAM  (0.36 MB) USKSSLEAKSAM
Out with the Old - ADA  (0.39 MB) USKSSLEAKADA
Out with the Old - SmartPipe  (0.41 MB) USKSSLEAKSP
Kaeser Success Story - ADA and SAM  (0.36 MB) USKSSADASAM
Kaeser Report
Current issue – Literature in electronic format only  (3.24 MB) P-2000US
FREE Kaeser Air System Guides
Air Compressor Selection Guide  (0.70 MB) USGUIDE1
Clean Air Treatment Guide – Literature in electronic format only  (0.86 MB) USGUIDE2
Designing Your Compressed Air System – Literature in electronic format only  (0.46 MB) USGUIDE3
Energy Savings in Compressed Air Systems – Literature in electronic format only  (0.61 MB) USGUIDE4
Air System Maintenance Guide  (0.65 MB) USGUIDE5
Control Settings and System Management  (2.60 MB) USRCONTROL3
Kaeser Racing Signature Card
JEB Four Racing's 2015 Signature Card - complete with team history and schedule.  (0.54 MB) USJEB4SIGCRD
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