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Kaeser Compressors is pleased to offer whitepapers on technical products and their appropriate application. To get an email with a download link please select the desired whitepaper(s) and fill out the form below.

Using Master Controls to Improve the Performance and Efficiency of Industrial Air Compressors
Advanced control capabilities minimize equipment run times, maintain stable air pressures, and deliver rapid payback in operations and energy savings.  (1.56 MB) Master Controls
Turning Air Compressors into an Energy Source
In addition to providing plant air, compressors are also a useful source of heat, energy savings, and sustainable operations.  (0.60 MB) Heat Recovery Whitepaper
Energy Efficient System Design for Wastewater Treatment Plants: A System Splitting Approach
Includes: how to calculate specific power for individual units as well as the entire system, with calculation examples for comparing specific power between traditional and system splitting design approaches.  (0.51 MB) System Splitting
Hybrid Refrigerated/Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers
For some large compressed air applications needing extremely dry air, the most effective and least costly to operate may be a hybrid dryer system.  (0.43 MB) Hybrid Refrigerated/Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers
Piston Versus Rotary Screw Compressors
A short comparison for the collision market.  (0.36 MB) Piston vs Rotary Screw
CAGI Data Sheets: An apples to apples comparison
Explains how to use CAGI data sheets to compare compressor performance and efficiency.  (1.30 MB) CAGI Data Sheets
Compressed Air Engineering
A complete guide to compressed air engineering  (2.37 MB) Compressed Air Engineering
Applying Variable Speed Compressors in Multiple Compressor Applications
Addresses the proper application of variable frequency/speed drive compressors and avoiding control gap.  (0.83 MB) Control Gap
Basics of Rotary Screw Compressor Lubricants
Covers the advantages and disadvantages of the several types of fluids used today.  (0.40 MB) Lubricants
Compressed Air System Leaks: The Cost, Common Culprits, Detection and Repair
Describes best practices for a cost effective leaks identification and repair program.  (0.50 MB) Compressed Air System Leaks
Comprehensive Compressed Air Audits: The 5-Step Process
Outlines the 5-step process of a comprehensive compressed air audit to minimize leaks and improve system efficiency.  (14.18 MB) Audits
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