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Plant Services Special Reports


These special reports from Plant Services magazine feature articles by Kaeser system experts and other industry professionals to help you improve your compressed air system. 

Optimize Management of Your Compressed Air System
This special report provides guidance on how to apply both "waterfall" and "agile" project management methods in concert to achieve lasting success managing your compressed air system. 

Which compressed air system design is right for you
This report explains what to consider when designing a compressed air system including equipment and technology selection, control profiles, and whether to use a single compressor or multiple ones to handle compressed air demand. 

Keep calm and go with the flow
In this report, learn how seeing your compressor as an electric heater can unlock savings with heat recovery and how to address air quality, pressure fluctuation, and temperature issues. 

Keys to mastering your compressed air system
This report covers crucial compressed air topics such as assessing your compressed air demand, right-sizing your system, master controls, heat recovery, planning for future capacity needs, and training staff on compressed air best practices. This report has useful tips on master controls, heat recovery, and more for improving compressed air system performance. 


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Optimize Management of your Compressed Air System – Literature in electronic format only  (1.51 MB) PSRPT-Mgmt
Which Compressed Air System Design is Right for You – Literature in electronic format only  (0.43 MB) PSRPT-Right
Keep Calm and Go with the Compressed Air Flow – Literature in electronic format only  (0.65 MB) PSRPT-Flow
Keys to Mastering your Compressed Air System – Literature in electronic format only  (0.70 MB) PSRPT-Keys
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